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ART-IN-RES is an online platform that facilitates information about artists residencies in performing arts.  

The form of artists residencies has been for decades a key element in the production of art projects throughout Europe. Most countries run online ‘guideposts’ which connect artists with residency providers. Such resource has been missing in the Czech Republic. Therefore, in 2020 Nová síť created this online platform ART-IN-RES which should serve: Artists in search of artists residencies Providers of artists residencies to announce open calls As a resource for foreign artists and industry professionals who seek information about how cultural and artistic environments operate in the Czech Republic.



Nová síť has been supporting performing arts and cooperation in culture. It is an open cultural organisation which connects the regions of the Czech Republic with Prague and abroad, strengthens communication between the public administration and the participants of cultural life and strives for decentralization, development and cultivation of open society in the Czech Republic. The main projects by Nová síť are the CZECH CULTURAL NETWORK NOVÁ SÍŤ, the new theatre festival MALÁ INVENTURA, the communication platform Prague – Berlin PRALIN and the project supporting artistic residencies ART-IN-RES.


MAGDALENA ŠPAČKOVÁ, +420 775 117 000, magdalenaspackova@novasit.cz

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