Bohatice Mayor’s House


Richard Němec,

Bohatice Mayor’s House
Bohatice č. ev. 01,
Bohatice, 47002


  • The Bohatice Mayor’s House (Bohatická rychta) is a historic heritage building constructed in 1768 on the place of a former 13th-century fortress. It represents a fine example of Lusatian folk architecture in North Bohemia, the most southern part of the historic region of Lusatia. In 1972, new owners saved the building from demolition and carried out careful restoration. Today, it offers a space for uninterrupted creative time for small groups or individuals who are looking for a strong genius loci where it is least expected. The Bohatice Mayor’s House is located on the border of the former army area in Ralsko and the region of Czech poet K. H. Macha, in the vicinity of German and Polish borders.


  • The House includes living quarters, space for dining, workrooms, and an equipped workshop. A large garden offering privacy is adjacent to the building. Max. 7 people. It is an ideal space for individuals or a group of 2–6 people.


  • The House can accommodate up to 7 people. It is perfect for an individual or a group of 2–6 people.


  • Half-board meals could be provided by prior arrangement (vegan diet is preferred, but exceptions could be accommodated). There is theatre equipment available (not professional), and also a workshop.


  • The place currently does not offer a covered space designated for a theatre presentation. There is, however, an open-air scene right next to the building and it is available for the residents. In addition, managers of the Bohatice Mayor’s House offer their contacts with local cultural centres in the neighbourhood to possibly arrange for a presentation.


Artists residencies have been provided since 1995 (although they were not called ‘artists residencies‘ back then).


website of the residence

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