Comoedien-Haus Kuks


Kateřina Bohadlová,

Comoedien-Haus Kuks
Kuks 53,
Kuks, 54443


  • We offer artist residency at Comoedien–Haus in the village of Kuks. The Baroque site Kuks, situated on both shores of the Elbe River, with a distinctive genius loci, shares a rich cultural history. In the beginning of the 18th century, the Kuks health spa became European centre of arts, culture, and social life. Comoedien–Haus, a former barn transformed into a simple theatre, is located in the village. It houses Jiri Nachlinger Galley of Marionettes — cut marionettes inspired by the sculptures of Matthias Braun.


  • Dimensions of a wooden stage at the Comoedien–Haus are 8(w) × 4(d) × 3(h) m. On the side of the auditorium (8 x 8 m, sandstone paving), there is “a theatre within a theatre” — a replica of baroque carriage ‘carro commediale’ which can serve as an additional (marionette) stage. The space is suitable for about 5 artists. There is HVAC, and a projector and screen. The residents can further use the garden, and cellars at the Rentz Barouque Printing Museum located two minutes on foot from the Comoedien–Haus.


  • The top floor of the Comoedien–Hausu offers a simple accommodation (matt, sleeping bag), shower, toilette, and a small kitchen with sink. The room‘s window opens only to the interiors of the theatre. It can accommodate 5 people.
  • Accommodation can also be arranged in two apartments for a total of 5 people near the Comoedien-Haus.


  • At the moment artist residencies are offered in a limited scope – by prior arrangement, they can run from May to September, Monday – Thursday.
  • Comoedien–Haus is situated in the village of Kuks in close proximity to single-family houses. Therefore, noise limits must be followed.



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