Luhačovice Chateau


Franz a Lydia Thienen,
+420 608 975 165

Luhačovice Chateau
Masarykova 76,
Luhačovice, 763 26


The association Luhovaný Vincent has been organising a multi-genre festival of the same name since 2009. The association strives to become a cultural platform for the 21st-century spa, albeit not having its own space. Thanks to the support of the Thienen-Adlerflycht family, the association launched in 2021 a pilot artist residency programme for performing arts. Since 2021, the chateau has been under construction. For this reason, the association does not currently provide the residencies for the performing arts!

Since 2020, the Luhačovice Chateau has been hosting “Literary Residencies in Luhačovice” – the Pramen Luhačovice Foundation’s autumn programme for writers. The space has been adapted for the programme accordingly. Other areas of the chateau have been unoccupied yet maintained.  The owners’ vision is to open the chateau again to the public and operate a cultural and education centre focused on nature tourism.

History of the Chateau:

The Luhačovice Chateau was built during the years 1730–1738 by count Wolfgang Serényi. His family lived on site until the end of World War II. In 1945, the chateau was confiscated by the then-Czechoslovak national administration. Chateau Luhačovice is a one-story building with a simple Baroque facade and a tower. There is an adjacent chateau chapel and a park. Because of the building’s inconspicuous design and its location in densely populated urban quarters of the renowned spa town Luhačovice, it has remained fairly unknown to visitors. In the second half of the 20th century the chateau was adapted to house a kindergarten, and later, until 2020, an elementary art school and a group home for children and the youth. It was finally returned to the owners—the Thienen-Adlerflycht family, descendants of the Serényi family—in 2016/2017.


  • Attantion: The association does not currently provide the residencies for the performing arts!



Photographs by Pavel Malaník

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