Petrohradská kolektiv


Daniel Konopáč,
+420 603 112 399

Petrohradská kolektiv
Petrohradská 438/13,
Praha 10, 101 00



  • Accomodation possibilities: from 1st of March – capacity 2 people / from 7th of March – capacity 6-10 people
  • Period: 1st of March – 15th of April
  • Conditions: All stay is free of charge.

Available from 1st of March – capacity 2 people

  • 16m2 Emergency Studio = private bedroom with private bathroom (no direct access to kitchen, just shared one one floor down), 3rd floor.

Available from 7th of March – capacity 6-10 people

  • 3+1 AIR apartment 80m2, ground floor, 3 private bedrooms with doublebeds, shared kitchen, shared bathroom for the apartment.

In case of emergency/ heavier inquiry, it is possible to extend the capacity by providing access to the gallery space (2 rooms, together 115m2 – heated). The gallery is closely connected to the apartment and has access to the facilities of the 3+1 apartment. The capacity of the gallery is 15-25 people – for now we don’t have beds, just couple of matresses or sleeping bags with mats on the floor. (this will be available from the 7th of March)

Info in Ukrainian: HERE



  • Petrohradská kolektiv is an artist-run initiative with its own cultural production and original dramaturgy. It’s a meeting point of experiments and contemporary arts founded in 2015. Artists working within Petrohradská kolektiv get space, freedom and needed attention. Our activities are aimed at exhibitions, educational practice, live art and creative cooperations with Czech and foreign artists. Petrohradská kolektiv wants to contribute to arts and culture in our society by supporting, presenting and producing (not only) new projects.

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