Waldstein Loggia


Jiří Vydra,
+420 608 269 296

Waldstein Loggia
Sedličky 4,
Jičín, 506 01


  • The Waldstein Loggia (Valdštejnská lodžie) is a Baroque-era site featuring a stunning exterior gallery overlooking a beautiful park, and an Honorary Court with farm buildings. Some of the buildings are being renovated. In 2023, construction of a multifunctional theatre hall will be completed together with spaces for artists residencies.
  • Spaces currently available:
    • Octagon
    • Terrace
    • Lecture Room
    • Cellars


  • Octagon (8 × 6.5 m) a historic hall in a shape of an octagon with wood floor and original plaster walls. Octagon’s unique atmosphere makes it an ideal venue for concerts and performances as well as for artists residencies. In summer, the hall is open to the public and hosts cultural events. Electricity is not built in but supplied via cord extension with 230 V or 380 V power. There is no heating (it could be supplied via a convector heater).
  • Terrace (26 × 9 m) ­– weather permitting, residents may rehears outdoors on a covered terrace with view of a park and woods, or in the park below the Loggia. Electricity: the terrace includes a small column with 230 V power.
  • Lecture Room (5 × 6 m, mezzanine 6 × 2 m) – heated by radiators which, however, do not provide sufficient heating. In winter, it is possible to use a stove (with wood).
  • Cellars – located under the Loggia, without lighting. Lights could be brought in, there are outlets with 230 V power.


  • We do not offer accommodation, only workspace.


  • Coffee shop Café Loggie is located on site. The space (6 × 6 m including a bar ) may be used outside the hours of operations as stated on the café website – www.cafeloggie.cz
  • The café includes:
    • Projector (which could be moved to another room)
    • Piano
    • Library full of inspiration
  • Residents are responsible for their meals. They could make an arrangement with the manager of Café Loggie. There is a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, stove, and microwave). However, there is no grocery or other store to buy food in the vicinity of the Loggia (the nearest store is more than 2 km away).


  • Please keep in mind that an artist residency is not the core programme of the Waldstein Loggia as it cannot offer comfortable living conditions, such as heating, size of rooms, and privacy. The Waldstein Loggia is, however, an inspiring place, with a distinctive atmosphere of a historic site built atop a beautiful park with gardens and woods. We believe that any likely discomfort would be offset by strong genius loci of this place.



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