Under the theme (Un)Learning for possible futures, the FAVORITEN Festival wants to question what we think we know, (un)learn from and with each other and give space to different perspectives. In order to deal with (un)learning on a global level, the festival has initiated an international programme line:

(UN)LEARNING DISTANCES is an international residency programme of the FAVORITEN Festival that opens up a dialogue between artists and cultural professionals from the global context and from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


The residency programme aims to bring artists and cultural practitioners with similar thematic and/or aesthetic interests into an exchange, linking international perspectives and facilitating artistic collaborations. In three to five teams, one artistic position from NRW and one from another part of the world work on their joint research interests.

We particularly want to give the opportunity to take part in the residency programme to artists and cultural practitioners who live and/or work in Latin and Central America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Over several months, the teams will engage in an artistic work process digitally, as well as in Dortmund, and present their projects as part of the FAVORITEN Festival from 5th – 15th September 2024.

All information about the residency programme and the application form can be found in our OPEN CALL . Cultural professionals and artists from NRW and other countries can apply either individually or as collaborating teams.


Please download the application form, fill it out completely and send it to residency@favoriten-festival.de by 10th January 2024.

For questions about the residency programme and application, we offer two online consultations (21-12-2023; 12:00 GMT+1 & 08-01-2024; 15:00 GMT+1). Registration at kohn@favoriten-festival.de

  • Further information on the residency programme and the 2022 pilot project: here
  • Programme responsibility: Anne Mahlow, Patrick Kohn (contact person)
  • Contact: kohn@favoriten-festival.de
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