Open Calls
A small paradise south-west from Prague, with a dance hall, garden with fully grown trees as well as flat grassy area for rehearsals, terraces for meetings, quietness, calmness, and accommodation.Show more
Bohatice Mayor's House
The Bohatice Mayor’s House (Bohatická rychta) is a historic heritage building constructed in 1768 on the place of a former 13th-century fortress. In 1972, new owners saved the building from demolition and carried out careful restoration. Today, it offers a space for uninterrupted creative time for small groups or individuals who are looking for a strong genius loci where it is least expected. Show more
Bohemia Farmstudio
Bohemia Farmstudio is a unique site of a historic farmhouse that includes House (living quarters), Gallery (former granary), Studio/Hall (former stables), and Courtyard with two roofless buildings (former barns). The capacity of the rooms and facilities for residents is up to 20 people. Additional accommodation and stay for the unpretentious is possible on the floor in covered areas, or with your own tents.Show more
The Studio Bubec is located on the outskirts of Prague in Reporyje. It offers a space for work in visual arts and for group study workshops. There are basic tools and equipment, including a lifting equipment with 3-ton capacity, for work with metal, wood, stone, and other materials, and for a production of large-scale installations and artworks. Show more
Cabin Studio
The Cabin Studio is a newly emerging centre for artistic residencies run under the patronage of Studio Hrdinů. The Cabin occupies the building of a former gamekeeper’s lodge located in Pěčice, Mladá Boleslav, and offers space for concentrated work on projects in all stages of development in the disciplines of dance, performance, visual arts and literature.Show more
CIRQUEON is an umbrella organization for a support and development of new circus in the Czech Republic. Our main activities include providing information regarding new circus in the Czech Republic and Europe, supporting new circus projects originated in the Czech Republic, and developing circus skills in professionals and general public. We are a member of the international network Circostrada Network.Show more
Club Letka
The Club Letka (Klub Letka) is a small theatre hall located at a Secession-style building in Letná district in Prague 7. It offers a range of possibilities for its use: a flexible elevation, stage (5 x 4 m), auditorium (5 x 9 m). There is a foyer with the coffee shop Letka leading to the auditorium. Show more
CO.LABS is an open, independent creative platform actively securing support for and development and growth of art sector. It emphasizes engagement, quality improvement, and pushes boundaries of art disciplines and genres. CO.LABS was founded in 2021 as a response to lack of inclusiveness within the existing theatre system in Brno.Show more
The building of the Community Centre is located within a three-minute walk from the city of Blatná train station, or a ten-minute walk from the city downtown. Just around the corner there are parks (Husovy sady, Castle Blatná park) and a city relaxation zone.Show more
Comoedien-Haus Kuks
The Baroque site Kuks, situated on both shores of the Elbe River, with a distinctive genius loci, shares a rich cultural history. In the beginning of the 18th century, the Kuks health spa became European centre of arts, culture, and social life. Comoedien–Haus, a former barn transformed into a simple theatre, is located in the village. It houses Jiri Nachlinger Galley of Marionettes—cut marionettes inspired by the sculptures of Matthias Braun. Show more
Cross Attic
Cross Attic is an interdisciplinary space in the centre of Holešovice neighbourhood in Prague 7 aiming to support hybrid projects, collectivism, international collaboration, and creative practice that defies the definition of artistic production and focuses on sharing (of information, experiences, caring for…) and forming relationships.Show more
DIOD is a space for independent projects located in a renovated Sokol Hall in the city of Jihlava. It opened on 1 April 2011. As a cultural centre of the region of Vysočina, it offers a well-equipped ‘black box’ with space dispositions and room capacity that could be adapted to any project.Show more
Divadlo na cucky theatre
The spaces of the Divadlo na cucky theatre serve as an open platform for meetings and implementation of a regular programme focused on contemporary dance and theatre, exploring the matters of civic engagement and environment.Show more
Divadlo X10
Divadlo X10 is an open platform not only for contemporary theater but also for other types of live art. It is a collective of creative personalities seeking to create independent, critical thinking that reflects the world we live in. Divadlo X10 does not work only with existing dramatic texts, but also initiates the creation of entirely new theatrical plays and other projects that respond to the greatest extent to the needs to express an authentic and unique opinion to currently social events and the universal questions of human existence.Show more
The public hall Hranicar is an open platform which connects contemporary art and culture with daily life in a dynamically evolving society. It is a space for creative people who desire to reflect—through the arts—on the changes occurring in their community as well as in the entire society; whose enthusiasm empowers them to enrich the public space with fresh and quality ideas. Show more
Industra realizes the INDUSTRA STAGE theatre programme in the premises of a former arms factory, within which it also offers arts residencies. The mission of Industra's theatre offer is to present projects that go beyond the theatre forms, genres or directions commonly available in Brno.Show more
Káznice in Brno has had a troubled history. At the same time, it abounds today with unique genius loci. On top of that, it is situated in the heart of “Brno’s Bronx” - socially excluded area. Tripitaka, z. s. is active in the building since summer 2018. Together with TIC BRNO and other partners, Tripitaka is creating a cultural and community center.Show more
Kolowrat Theatre
The Chamber Kolowrat Theatre (Komorní scéna Divadla Kolowrat) is housed in the attic of the Kolowrat Palace located downtown Prague, at Ovocný trh. Show more
Výměník1 is a platform for contemporary performing arts in České Budějovice focusing on new theatre, physical theatre, contemporary dance, and new circus. In addition to theatre performances we also provide artists residencies to artists of the above-mentioned genres, organize movement courses and workshops, and host community events such as farmers markets, flea markets, concerts, and lectures.Show more
Luhačovice Chateau
Since 2009 the association Luhovaný Vincent has been organising a multi-genre festival of the same name. The association strives to become a cultural platform for the 21st-century spa, albeit not having its own space. Thanks to the support of the Thienen-Adlerflycht family, the association launched in 2021 a pilot artist residency programme for performing arts. Show more
MOVE Ostrava
MOVE Ostrava is an access point to movement in the region - we believe that the performing arts are for everyone. We bring it to public space and non-theatre spaces. At the moment we don't have our own space and we collaborate with multiple organisations in the city and region.Show more
Moving Station
The Moving Station is a distinctive, Pilsen-based alternative scene for contemporary theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary art experiments. Since 2000 it has hosted artists from all over the world. It is an inspiring space housed in an impressive, revitalized historic building from 1904, a former railway station Pilsen–South, now managed by Johan—a centre for contemporary art and education. The 2015 renovation introduced a space that allows— through artists residencies—for an expansion of the network of collaborating artists and support of new talents. Show more
A quiet countryside. Only occasionally a car, time to time a sound of neighbour’s circular saw. The theatre hall in our barn smells of a new wood floor, light seeps through the cracks of the boards. A refuge from heat and space for generation of ideas. We offer an artist residency in a small settlement Stružinec in the region of Tábor, 4 km from a charming little town of Jistebnice. Show more
The residential studio is a small living studio (2 rooms, 2 sofa beds, work desk, dining table, small kitchenette, fridge, shower and toilet). The studio is suitable for research, space-saving activities and as a background space for working with public space.Show more
Plum Yard
The Plum Yard (Švestkový Dvůr) is an artist residency programme designed for all art disciplines — dance, theatre, new circus, musicians, and visual artists, and also for writers and translators. The place is also a home for the Continuo Theatre whose company members work and live here. In addition, the Plum Yard operates a cultural centre with programme for children and adults, community activities, and educational projects. Show more
The REZI.DANCE association is located at POD JAVORY 17 in the village of Komařice where it operates an artist residency for performing arts. It is the first house in the Czech Republic offering residencies exclusively for performing arts. The artist residency house POD JAVORY 17 is located at the foothills of Gratzen Mountains. Since 2016 it has been a place sought-after by artists as it offers space for inspiration and new approaches in artistic practices — contemporary dance, theatre, literature.Show more
Each year SESTA the Centre for choreographic development offers a year-round residential program in the grounds of Žďár nad Sázavou Estate. Within the program we provide artists with facilities for preparing performances, time for research, space to meet and share questions and experiences. Our priority is to support choreographers, but we are also open to creative projects in the field of theatre, literature, music and circus. We also host intercultural meetings between artists from abroad and Czech artists. Show more
Sladovna Písek
The Sladovna’s seven-story building is located directly in the historic centre of the city of Písek. The organization was founded in order to use the beautiful space of a renovated malthouse building for the benefit of cultural life in Písek. The first two permanent exhibitions were open in 2009. The programmatic concept „gallery as a play,“ which has been applied in Sladovna since 2013, has had a significant impact on tourism in the city. The Písek Sladovna has set out on a journey to create a new form of live cultural centre, producing and facilitating values to visitors of all generations. We provide quality, professional culture—to strengthen value systems, ethics, and social integrity—and at the same time we make sure that culture is accessible to all. Through stories, images, and a play we desire to connect tradition with the presence, art with daily life, the city of Písek with the world. Interaction and play are for us the main means to learning, connecting, inspiring, and sharing joy of life. Sladovna strives to be for our visitors a space where culture and art become once again an integral part of every family’s life. Show more
Studio ALTA
Studio ALTA in Prague’s Invalidovna neighbourhood is a cultural centre, creative hub, and a community centre and platform for meetings, mutual inspiration and collaboration between artists, activists and various social groups and individuals. Show more
Tančírna (Dance hall) in Račí údolí
Tančírna is an Art Nouveau building hiding in the forests of the Račí údolí (Crawfish Valley) located in the Golden Mountains. It is a cultural institution that organizes concerts, openings and exhibitions, workshops, lectures, author readings, theaters, residencies in collaboration with Czech and world artists. Tančírna cooperates with International Film Festival Blacksphere and the Czech-German site-specific festival "In the Center / Im Zentrum".Show more
In a vacant building at Řehořova 39, in Prague’s Žižkov neighbourhood, a group of tireless dreamers has set up a coffee shop, photo studio, art studios… and now, in collaboration with the comedy duo The Kitten of Doom, also a rehearsal room—a movement studio. Show more
The City Theatre Varnsdorf
The City Theatre Varnsdorf (Městské divadlo Varnsdorf) is located in a quiet part of Varnsdorf city center. Varnsdorf can be characterized as a picturesque post-industrial town, so there are a number of luxurious villas and old factories, a large number of wooden half-timbered houses and nature is within walking distance of the city. We provide residential stays in various lengths, during the theater season rather shorter, out of season it is possible to arrange for the whole summer.Show more
UFFO is a unique multifunctional cultural space built with an innovative architectural approach and technical specifications that reflect the current creative trends. Fully accessible, the place’s design allows for variable layouts to accommodate a wide range of events — social events, large-scale conferences, exhibitions, lectures, educational workshops, business presentations as well as sports events.Show more
Velvary Cube
We offer a professional rehearsal room (for music, dance, and theatre) and artist residencies at the Velvary Cube (Velvarská Kostka), located in the building of a former synagogue built in 1930–31 based on design of a Prague architect František A. Libra. It is a functionalist building with a square floorplan, with three circular windows (one was walled up). Show more
Waldstein Loggia
The Waldstein Loggia (Valdštejnská lodžie) is a Baroque-era site featuring a stunning exterior gallery overlooking a beautiful park, and an Honorary Court with farm buildings. Some of the buildings are being renovated. In 2022, construction of a multifunctional theatre hall will be completed together with spaces for artists residencies. Show more
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