Karolína Fendrychová,
+420 739 175 869

Stružinec 8,
Jistebnice, 391 33


  • A quiet countryside. Only occasionally a car, time to time a sound of neighbour’s circular saw. The theatre hall in our barn smells of a new wood floor, light seeps through the cracks of the boards. A refuge from heat and space for generation of ideas. We offer an artist residency in a small settlement Stružinec in the region of Tábor, 4 km from a charming little town of Jistebnice. There is the Jistebnice Highlands Nature Park nearby (woods, meadows, and pastures) with groves, stone partial walls, and old trees. Stružinec by Tábor is a small village with only eight houses and sweet neighbours. We respect each other; good relationship with our neighbours matters to us.


  • A hall (8 × 6.5 m) in a former barn with new waxed wood floor. There is no heating. The space does not have equipment nor theatre lighting.
  • A smaller part of the barn (8 × 5 m) with a brick floor and sliding doors overlooking the countryside, with a kitchenette and a stove for heating in cold weather can be used for meetings, gatherings or cooking together.
  • Our gardens and meadows amount to 6,000 m2; working outdoors is possible.


  • A country house and a trailer, both include kitchen and bathroom.
  • To be comfortable, we recommend the lodging for max. 6 people. But if you like each other and do not need much of comfort, more people can fit in.


  • Projector, black-and-white printer, basic tools in the workshop (sander, drill), and two bicycles are available.
  • We can prepare excellent breakfast from locally sourced ingredients.
  • Grocery and other stores, postal office, restaurant, cultural centre, and a tourist information centre are located in the city of Jistebnice, 4 km away. Bio-farms are nearby. There is a restaurant 2 km away, within a walking distance.
  • Naplaveno can put the residents in touch with a verified and reliable babysitter who will look after the child/children at the location of residency centre for reasonable fee. She also speaks excellent English.


  • 2019

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