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Sokolská třída 2675/3,
Ostrava, 702 00


MOVE Ostrava opens also this year a call to Czech and foreign artists in dance and other movement arts interested in our artist residency programme. Do not miss this opportunity to create your masterpiece in the city of Ostrava! Since 2014, when MOVE Ostrava was founded, we have provided tens of artists residencies to creatives who use our space for their work in various stages of creative process, from their initial search for materials related to movement to final stages of tuning up lighting and technical details. We are glad to see our residents returning, either with a performance they worked on within the residency, or as participants at festivals, or simply because they like it here and they miss us. Some performers enjoy so much working here that they return on a regular basis, sometimes even a few times a year. Furthermore, we strive to provide our residents with marketing opportunities to facilitate communication and repeat performances.


  • Comfortable space for beginnings of creative processes, particularly for solo projects or duets. (At the moment, we do not offer a theatre hall and equipment required for final stages of projects. However, we are working on establishing a collaboration with venues in Ostrava to provide such space.)
  • MOVE Studio (6.5 x 12 m) includes mirrors, cushioned dance floor, sound system, and ballet barres
  • We could provide an invitation letter or other documents required for grant applications or other purposes
  • Facilitation of required contacts
  • Connecting with the local scene upon request
  • Opportunity to attend MOVE Studio workshops
  • Opportunity to be included into our dramaturgy for the following year



  • In general we ask each resident to organize a workshop and a presentation of work in progress as we believe that artist residency is an excellent tool for development and growth of the local creative scene. We also believe that mutual inspiration matters. Please note however that any events are, naturally, subject to current restrictions.
  • Mentioning MOVE Ostrava as a supporter on all promotional materials for the resident’s performance
  • We ask to be offered to include the resident’s completed performance into the MOVE Ostrava dramaturgy



  • MOVE Ostrava offers use of MOVE Studio (6.5 x 12 m) which includes mirrors, cushioned dance floor, sound system, and ballet barres. There is also a dressing room and showers.


  • We do not offer accommodation. Nevertheless, there are numerous opportunities for lodging nearby and we will assist you with finding the best option for you.



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