Tančírna (Dance Hall) in Račí údolí


Zdeněk Jurčík,
+420 583 034 125

Tančírna (Dance Hall) in Račí údolí
Račí údolí,
Javorník, 79070


  • Tančírna is an Art Nouveau building hiding in the forests of the Račí údolí (Crawfish Valley) located in the Golden Mountains. It is a cultural institution that organizes concerts, openings and exhibitions, workshops, lectures, author readings, theaters, residencies in collaboration with Czech and world artists. We connect Czech and Polish artists and the general public.
  • We cooperate with all groups of people, nationalities and countries. We strive to remain apolitical, but at the same time help where the need is!


  • The main hall with a wooden floor now also with the possibility of rapid heating in the winter months. The dimensions of the main hall are 19.8 m × 7.7 m, 2.7 m high.
  • A suitable space for residences is also a lounge in the basement of the building (there is a fireplace, but also central heating) measuring 7 × 7.2 m, 2.7 m high.


  • It is possible to stay in a villa opposite the Tančírna (“ACCOMMODATION BY THE DANCE HALL”).
  • Another accommodation option is, for example, in Penzion Domeček, or CVA in nearby Bernartice, under which Tančírna belongs.


  • Tančírna does not offer food or catering, but we have a small kitchen in the basement of the building equipped with basic things and dishes, stainless steel double sink, electric cooker with oven, microwave, electric kettle and refrigerator.
  • Tančírna has no equipment to rent, but genius loci of this place at the end of the world surpasses all conveniences.


  • Tančírna is suitable for any movement, dance and theatre groups, orchestras and large ensembles that can use the hall; the lounge in the basement of the building can be used for visual, music, literature and other residencies…
  • You can find out more about what is happening in Tančírna at: facebook.com/TancirnaRaciudoli.


1907 / 2015 / 2021

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