The City Theatre Varnsdorf


Martin Musílek,

The City Theatre Varnsdorf
Partyzánů 1442,
Varnsdorf, 407 47


  • The City Theatre Varnsdorf (Městské divadlo Varnsdorf) is located in a quiet part of Varnsdorf city center. In front of the theater there is a park, which is connected to the building of the Old Catholic Church. Varnsdorf can be characterized as a picturesque post-industrial town, so there are a number of luxurious villas and old factories, a large number of wooden half-timbered houses and nature is within walking distance of the city. Two thirds of the city is surrounded by neighboring Saxony. A significant element here is the beautifully meandering river Mandava, which connects many towns and villages in the Czech Republic and Germany. Varnsdorf is located on the edge of the Lusatian Mountains and at the same time in the vicinity of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


  • The theater building has a hall for 449 visitors, a stage of 11 x 11 meters with all the stage equipment, changing rooms and accommodation rooms. The foyer can be used as a “small hall” for about 50 visitors. The stage space is fully equipped with technology, there are 16 stage lifts and 6 anchor points at a height of 12 meters (3 fixed, 3 swivel) for hanging acrobatics. We have ballet floor, gray or black, projection screen, projector, pianino and grand piano and other equipment.
  • Parameters and technical equipment here:


  • Accommodation for 10 people. There are beds, bedding, wardrobes, appliances for cooking and heating food, refrigerator, coffee maker, washer and dryer.


  • It is possible to use all the equipment of the theater for rehearsals. In the vicinity there is a park (right in front of the theater), a forest within ten minutes walk, a grocery store 2 minutes walk, various restaurants within five minutes walk, supermarkets within ten minutes walk. The bus stop is about seven minutes walk, the train station about 15 minutes walk. In Varnsdorf there is an indoor pool with water slide, sauna and whirlpools, several sports fields.
  • It is possible to use the parking lot in front of the theater or the closed courtyard of the theater.
  • We provide residential stays in various lengths, during the theater season rather shorter (week), out of season it is possible to arrange for the whole summer.


The building has stood since the 19th century and served as the Society House, later it was adapted for theatrical operation. Today’s theater was officially founded in 1952.

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