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Kateřina Šobáňová,
+420 777 790 711

Plum Yard
Malovice 35,
Malovice, 384 11

Open Call


Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard is opening a call for artistic residencies within the project FIRST BASE 2024. The FIRST BASE project focuses on supporting the creation of young theatre makers who work with material and puppets. This programme encourages young artists to reflect practically on the question of what role does [...]

Deadline: 07/05/2024 - 31/05/2024

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  • The Plum Yard (Švestkový Dvůr) is an arts residency programme designed for all art disciplines – dance, theatre, new circus, musicians, and visual artists, and also for writers and translators. The place is also a home for the Continuo Theatre whose company members work and live here. In addition, the Plum Yard operates a cultural centre with programme for children and adults, community activities, and educational projects. In 2015, the place was completely renovated. It is located on the edge of a small South Bohemian village Malovice, 7 km from Vodňany. There is no infrastructure; as such it provides space for creative concentration.


  • Theatre Hall (12 × 18 m, performance area 12 × 12 m) – with a complete inventory of theatre equipment, ceiling height 10 m, height of the truss construction 5.7 m. Small hall (10 × 10 m) – basic technical equipment, suitable for smaller productions.
  • Rehearsal Room (9 × 9 m) – height approx. 8 m, basic technical equipment.
  • Music Studio (approx. 5 × 7 m) – suitable as a music rehearsal room or for smaller theatres, such as marionette productions.
  • Workshop – with everything for the production of scenography.
  • Shared Areas – large kitchen, common area with bar, showers, toilets.
  • All rooms have sanded wood floor. Cushioned dance floor is available.


  • Accommodation is available either in furnished, insulated trailers with heating, bedding and towels provided, or in shared rooms in the building.
  • Capacity is 20–40 people, always depending on the current projects. In general, the Plumb Yard can host about 50 creatives; and 100–200 people in the audience for onsite productions.


  • Residency workspace with unlimited number of hours. Technical equipment is available. Accommodation for artists. Meals can be provided by prior arrangement.
  • We can provide also other, event production-related services (such as production, marketing, graphic design, costume production, etc.).


The Plum Yard was founded in 2013; the artist residency programme in 2015.

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