Markéta Málková,
+420 733 722 130

POD JAVORY, Komařice 17,
Komařice, 373 14


  • The REZI.DANCE association is located at POD JAVORY 17 in the village of Komařice where it operates an artist residency for performing arts. It is the first house in the Czech Republic offering residencies exclusively for performing arts. REZI.DANCE functions in between arts and creative industry; it is open to artists, art groups, but also to cultural managers or entire production teams. An emphasis is put on a connection to Komařice where folk traditions are kept alive and a responsible approach to the surroundings nurtured.
  • The association is housed at a family farmhouse with a great history; the first mention of the house can be traced back to 1638.
  • Each year REZI.DANCE holds an OPEN CALL as part of the A-I-R programme, offering 20 free-of-charge residencies for performing arts. It also hosts performances for local community, and organizes movement and dance workshops for children and adults. REZI-DANCE regularly collaborates for instance with Jaro Viňarský, Tereza Ondrová, the companies Ufftenživot, Cirk LaPutyka, Tanec Praha, and Nová síť. It is a member of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť.
  • The artist residency house POD JAVORY 17 is located at the foothills of Gratzen Mountains. Since 2016 it has been a place sought-after by artists as it offers space for inspiration and new approaches in artistic practices — contemporary dance, theatre, literature.


  • Studio: 7 × 7 m, ceiling height 5 m
  • Equipment: a cushioned dance floor, wood floor, lighting with dimmer, basic audio equipment, projector, screen
  • There is daylight in the space, and an option to use black-out curtains.
  • The studio is ready for dance, movement, and theatre residencies.


  • Total area of ​​the residency house is 350m2
      • accommodation for 12 people (4 × double bed), (1 × four bed)
      • equipped kitchen
      • office
      • common area
      • workshop (equipment for metal and wood processing)
      • enclosed courtyard  (180m2)
      • garden (1.000 m2)
      • lake for swimming
      • sauna
      • parking for 8 cars


  • We prepare meals from fresh produce grown locally as well as from our own garden. We can accommodate residents’ dietary restrictions.
  • There is a small grocery shop in the village (carrying mostly local products), a post office, CZECHPOINT.
  • A public bus provides transportation to the village.


  • Duration of a residency 1 week to 3 months.
  • Technical and scenographic consultations and solutions.
  • Dramaturgical and production consultation.
  • The residency offers peaceful environment to focus on creative work, inspiration by local surroundings, and an opportunity to work with local folklore and audience.



website of the residence

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