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Zámek 1,
Žďár nad Sázavou, 591 02


  • Each year the Centre for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA offers a year-round residency program in the grounds of Žďár nad Sázavou Estate. Within the program we provide artists with facilities for preparing performances, time for research, space to meet and share questions and experiences. Our priority is to support choreographers, but we are also open to creative projects in the field of theatre, literature, music and circus. We also host intercultural meetings between artists from abroad and Czech artists.
  • SE.S.TA selects about 18 projects for a ten days-long artist residency (or for a time agreed on, 3 weeks etc).
  • Residents are required to present their project to the local audience. It can be in a variety of forms, always depending on a particular project or the phase the work is in. Typically, the output from the residency is conceived as a presentation of work in progress, workshop, a talk, etc.
  • Meetings are organized to provide residents with peer to peer experience sharing, international networking and opening the door for possible future collaboration.


  • The site-specific character of the place allows testing in the entire area of the site.
  • Rehearsal spaces: space 15 × 25 m; space 6 × 25 m. Three interconnected fresco halls, each 9 × 12 m. There are several alternative spaces indoors and outdoors within the historical, inspiring site of the Estate that may be used, including unique historic cellars (40 × 8 m).


  • Directly on site of the Chateau.
  • Common areas of so called Tea Room, including kitchen equipment (electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, and dishes).


  • We financially support 6 groups that focus on research.
  • In the KoresponDance At Work – Associated Artists program, we support 4 artists per year for one to three years.
  • The Program offers:
    • Rehearsal spaces in historical places.
    • The possibility to connect with other artists.
    • Encounters with the local public, including a sharing of work from your residency as part of work in progress.
    • Encounter with local themes: ecology, history, architecture, social themes: Žďár has a traditional and industrial history.
    • Work with professional artistic coaches (special program to ask for).
    • The possibility to take part on the SE.S.TA Blog. The blog links artists and theoreticians wishing to share research and questions.
  • The following is available to the residents: cushioned dance floor and a quality dance floor SPECTAT; basic sound aperture JBL speakers; portable speakers LD Systems Road Buddy 10 HS (2).
  • Other equipment may be booked for a fee.


  • During each residency session, there are usually two to three groups of artists working at the same time. This system strives to encourage exchange of ideas and experiences between Czech and foreign creatives and as such enhance the artistic community, mobility, and cross-border collaboration.
  • We are part of the Visegrad Fund programme – Performing Artists Residency.


  • The artist residency programme was founded in 2012.

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