Sladovna Písek


Petra Mojžíšová,
+420 775 101 885

Sladovna Písek
Velké náměstí 113,
Písek, 397 01


The Sladovna’s seven-story building is located directly in the historic centre of the city of Písek. The organization was founded in order to use the beautiful space of a renovated malthouse building for the benefit of cultural life in Písek. The first two permanent exhibitions were open in 2009. The programmatic concept “gallery as a play”, which has been applied in Sladovna since 2013, has had a significant impact on tourism in the city. The Písek Sladovna has set out on a journey to create a new form of live cultural centre, producing and facilitating values to visitors of all generations. We provide quality, professional culture – to strengthen value systems, ethics, and social integrity – and at the same time we make sure that culture is accessible to all. Through stories, images, and a play we desire to connect tradition with the presence, art with daily life, the city of Písek with the world. Interaction and play are for us the main means to learning, connecting, inspiring, and sharing joy of life. Sladovna strives to be for our visitors a space where culture and art become once again an integral part of every family’s life.


  • Multipurpose hall (130 m2), sound and lighting equipment, projectors, cushioned dance floor, other materials and equipment upon request. There is also a kitchen and bathroom in the building.


  • We do not offer accommodation at the moment. It is possible to find lodging directly in the city centre, both in private and in hotels. We could assist with finding your lodging upon request.


  • This arts residency is in the city centre where everything is within reach and, at the same time, by a river and within a walking distance of woods. The city of Písek is located about one hour from Prague by car or bus.



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