Lenka Greň / Markéta Vyskočilová / Chris Rankin,
+420 721 909 599

Novákova 387,
Tábor , 39001


  • CESTA – Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor was founded in 1993 by the duo Sabot – bassist Chris Rankin and drummer Hilary Binder. CESTA organized international festivals, community projects, artistic residencies and many other events. During the active years, the CESTA building, also known as the Ctibor mill, received hundreds of visitors from all over the world, primarily musicians, performers, and visual artists. Culture and art often intertwined with current social, ecological, economic and political topics.
  • Currently, under Chris Rankin’s leadership, CESTA is once again a place for independent culture.
  • Transforma, DIY fest, Tabook, Kurnik (queer and feminist festival), and the Expanze festivals are held here.
  • It provides facilities for local musicians (rehearsal rooms, recording studio), as well as for promoters of independent events, most recently dance workshops.
  • We would like CESTA to once again become a place for artistic residencies of all types. We believe that the spaces can be suitable and inspiring for residents of all disciplines – music, dance, theater, visual arts and literature.
  • Due to its location in Tábor, it is easily accessible from Prague. The CESTA building itself is in a quiet part of the city, surrounded by fields and forests, and at the same time within walking distance from the center of the old town.
  • In normal day-to-day operations, the space also functions as a hostel. Thanks to its capacity, CESTA is able to provide facilities for large groups, art ensembles, as well as weddings, independent conferences, training sessions, etc. The area also includes a community garden.


  • Barn/theatre – a large space used for concerts, theater, dance workshops (tatami mats can be provided), possibility of complete darkness in the space.
  • Kitchen, dining room, office, recording studio, rehearsal room, common room – library, enclosed yard, workshop. The premises can also be adapted as a studio for artistic or literary residents.
  • Cellar/bar – used mainly for music events. Capacity min. 80.
  • Skateboard ramp.
  • Community garden 1300 m2, enclosed yard, stream, open space of the adjacent Tismenický údolí (valley).


  • 1 × room for 3 people, 2 × room for 6 people, 1 × room for up to 10 people, open floor (capacity min. 50 people), trailer, garden (own tents), shared toilet and bathroom.
  • Heating is only available with individual wood-burning stoves, so we recommend the period April-October as optimum.


  • Breakfast optional, half board or full board.
  • Rental of sound equipment, simple lighting, video projector.
  • Tatami mats are available for movement workshops.
  • More service options available by prior arrangement.


  • Great location, ongoing renovations:).



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