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Cabin Studio
Pěčice 31,
Semčice, 294 46

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Cabin Studio Pěčice offers up to a five-day management residency for artists and cultural professionals. We offer facilities for a management residence for a group of up to eight people, either in the period 27.7.-4.8. or 26.-30.8. ABOUT RESIDENCY: The Cabin Studio residential center in the building of the former [...]

Deadline: 25/04/2024 - 20/05/2024

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  • Near Pěčice by the city of Mladá Boleslav, in a beautiful setting partly surrounded by an old forest called Bažantnice, a gamekeeper’s cabin was built in 1872 as part of the Dobrovice court of the Czech branch of the House of Thurn-Taxis, TTD. In the 1870s, Karel Smetana, the brother of the famous composer Bedřich Smetana, served in Pěčice as a gamekeeper. Bedřich Smetana himself lived at the end of his life with his daughter Žofia Schwarzová in the neighbouring village, Jabkenice, where the Bedřich Smetana Memorial has been established as part of the Czech National Museum. The composer often visited his brother and, at one point, moved in and lived with his brother for a year. The museum’s collections include drawings of the Pěčice gamekeeper’s cabin by Betty Smetanová, the composer’s second wife.

  • The last pre-war owner was a relative of Thurn-Taxises, Luigi de la Tore del Tosso, whose property was confiscated in 1945 based on the Beneš Decrees and the cabin fell under the administration of the Czechoslovak Forests. It then accommodated their employees. After the Velvet Revolution, the cabin was placed on a list of unclear ownership titles and fell into disrepair.

  • Cabin Studio is currently undergoing renovation to restore the building’s beauty and give it a new purpose. We would like to support artistic creativity and build facilities for arts residencies. The quietness, the solitude offered by the building’s seclusion, Bažantnice forest inhabited by 300-years-old oaks including several landmark trees, and paths stretching out for kilometres at a time inviting for walks and rides make almost ideal conditions for nurturing creativity. Several hundred hectares of a forest complex begin right next to the cabin, including the Jabkenická game with herds of mouflons, and the well-known St. George’s Forest, which stretches as far as the towns of Loučeň and Mcely.


  • Hall (6.5 × 8 m) with basic technical equipment.
  • Outdoor area.
  • Geo house.
  • Up to 10 persons.
  • 3 bedrooms, common room with kitchen, hall.


  • Boarding could be arranged for – full board.
  • Projector and other technical equipment could be rented.
  • Bicycles could be rented based on prior arrangement.


  • The Cabin Studio is a newly emerging centre for artistic residencies run under the patronage of Studio Hrdinů. The Cabin offers space for concentrated work on projects in all stages of development in the disciplines of dance, performance, visual arts and literature.
  • Interiors of the residency centre have been renovated; outdoor areas are undergoing renovation.


  • 2022

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