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– Zone of Independent Art –

– Cultural Centre –

  • co.labs is an open, independent creative platform actively securing support for and development and growth of art sector
  • It emphasizes engagement, quality improvement, and pushes boundaries of art disciplines and genres.
  • co.labs’s primary goal is to help and assist professional creatives in performing arts and other disciplines through artist residencies, the Open Residency Project encouraging local creativity, workshops led by Czech and foreign lecturers, and also by creating a programme for groups in residency.
  • In addition to its own dramaturgy focused on original projects from drama, physical theatre, and multidisciplinary theatre formats, co.labs represents a platform for independent groups and individuals without access to a space where they could present their works. co.labs supports students, new graduates, and established artists.
  • co.labs – Zone of Independent Art is a team of creatives committed to providing a dynamic and artistic environment with an open, shared space where art disciplines, genres, forms, and opinions intertwine.
  • co.labs was founded in 2021 as a response to lack of inclusiveness within the existing theatre system in Brno.


  • Workshop Hall (12 × 4.4 × 4,35(h) m) – cushioned dance floor surface (wood grating, dance pad foam underlayment 5 mm, cushioned black dance floor), sound system, back areas with kitchen, toilet, shower, and daylight; max. 8­–15 people (based on the type of activities).
  • Rehearsal Room (6,8 × 6,35 × 2.8(h) m) – dance floor, black box without windows (HVAC), acoustic wood panelling (the room could be used as a recording space), piano, sound system, toilet, shower; max. 2–8 people (based on the type of activities).
  • Hall (14 × 7.8 × 4,95(h) m) – black wood floor (black cushioned dance floor is an option), sound system, actors dressing room, toilet, shower, theatre lighting system, excellent acoustics (the hall could be used as a recording space); max. 10–30 people (based on the type of activities).
  • A social space for co-working – café/bara space in the heart of the building with a self-service coffee bar, work desks and chairs – designed for work on PC, meetings, and networking.
  • Outdoor zone – an outdoor space (approx. 1,000 m2 , of irregular shape) next to the CO.LABS building. Terrace – area of size 7 × 6,5 m. The area is fenced, equipped with security camera system. There are trees and bushes.


  • We offer accommodation for 1-2 persons in an apartment with bathroom and small kitchen, located in the CO.LABS building.


  • Lighting and sound equipment, projectors (4).


  • In addition to the standard artists residencies, CO.LABS operates throughout the year the Open Residency Project which offers artists of various disciplines, registered for the project, a free use of the Workshop Hall and Rehearsal Room for training and rehearsal.
  • The Workshop Hall can be used within the Open Residency Project only for non-commercial purposes. Residents will be informed about other applicable rules after registration.
  • If you are interested in the Open Residency Project at the CO.LABS, please email us your or your group information (CV, portfolio, etc.) at Include in your email a brief statement describing how and why you are interested in using our space.
  • A year-around artist residency programme for independent creatives in performing arts who seek a space with technical equipment to work without being disturbed. This artist residency programme is subject to a fee. It has been designed for artistic groups and individuals, from the Czech Republic and abroad. Artist residencies serve primarily for the purposes of artistic production/plays and research – depending on artists’ needs and preferences. It is open year round. For more information, click HERE.



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