Adam Hruška,
+420 734 586 402

Tyršova 12,
Jihlava, 586 01


  • DIOD is a fairly new space for independent projects located in a renovated Sokol Hall in the city of Jihlava. It opened on 1 April 2011. As a cultural centre of the region of Vysočina, it offers a well-equipped ‘black box’ with space dispositions and room capacity that could be adapted to any project. The dramaturgy of the theatre is open and offers production of art and social projects of region-based authors and organizers. At the same time, we show theatre and dance projects from the entire Czech Republic; by doing so we promote contemporary art in the region. DIOD strives to become a centre open to communication about social and art issues, where values of community life and civil society are fulfilled. Founding DIOD marked yet another spot on the map of the Czech Republic where independent art companies are presented and can create. DIOD is not a legal subject; it is operated by Sokol Gymnastics Jihlava (Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Jihlava). The City of Jihlava has become a partner of the DIOD project.


  • ‘Black box’ (12 x 18 m) without a fixed stage or auditorium; everything is to be set up based on a particular project using wooden platforms (1 x 2 m each) and legs 20–100 cm in height.
  • There are two rectangular constructions in the ceiling for aerial arts (with permanent attachments into the ceiling) in the height of 5.7 m.
  • A fixed projection screen (10 x 3.5 m), two projectors.


  • We do not offer accommodation, only workspace.


  • Discount accommodation at the city’s facilities are available by prior arrangement. There are aerial silks, hoops, trapeze, and a landing mat available for use. For the list of all available equipment, visit our website – www.diod.cz



website of the residence

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