Hedvika Drenćeni,

J. Opletala 842,
České Budějovice, 37005


    • Výměník1 is a cultural centre housed in a former heat exchange station. It is located in the housing estate Šumava in the city of České Budějovice. Constructed in the 1970s, the communist-era housing project included a number of civic facilities, such as a square with a cultural centre, shops, a kindergarten and an elementary school. In 2019 we expanded the original function of the heat exchange station and transformed it into a cultural space, Výměník1. It also houses the non-for-profit organization Kredance. We have decided to keep genius loci of this industrial building by maintaining the minimalist construction design of the former heat exchange station, and adding only elements needed for a cultural space to function properly. Výměník1 is a platform for contemporary performing arts in České Budějovice focusing on new theatre, physical theatre, contemporary dance, and new circus. In addition to theatre performances we also provide artists residencies to artists of the above-mentioned genres, organize movement courses and workshops, and host community events such as farmers markets, flea markets, concerts, and lectures. The space is available to other organizations for various functions, such as film screenings, festivals, livestreamed events, photo/video projects, corporate conferences, trainings, and other events. We can provide a fully functional bar and catering.


      • An open airy space (12 × 12.5 m) divided into two floors (6.5 × 12 m of an open space and 6 × 12 m of a space with toilettes and a bar/kitchen) and a completely enclosed basement that could be blacked out and partially soundproofed.


  • Accommodation is available directly in the Výměník1 for up to 4 persons, more people on agreement. Residents can find an affordable Airbnb or hotel in the area at their own expense.


  • There is a sound system available in the space. Other equipment could be rented as needed.



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