Apply for the second tep39 open call, we are selecting 2 projects for the period of July-August.


OPEN CALL: 2nd RESIDENCY IN TEP39 is the second of a series of 4 planned open calls for 2021.

Our goal is to support professional artists in the beginning of their career in the field of physical, mime and dance theater, dance, performance and related nonverbal genres. We want to provide space for artists who do not yet have long-term support, are working on a current topic that would lose urgency by waiting for support, or are looking for a new direction in their practice without the necessity to create a show.


Tep39 is a movement studio established in May 2020 in prostor39, a DIY revitalized house in Prague – Žižkov, providing space for culture of many genres. It is run jointly by Kachní spolek and prostor39. For more information see


– 40 hours in tep39 during July and August, which can be used in the form of intensive residency or regular training. We will agree on specific dates and times with selected artists at the beginning of June.

– studio tep39, equipped with ballet floor, mirrors, basic sound, chill out zone

– guided feedback after the presentation / work in progress in tep39 (By agreement, it is possible to mediate or provide feedback also during the residency.)

– we do not provide accommodation or cover travel expenses for residents


The target group is mainly young artists at the beginning of their careers and those who are looking for new forms / paths. We target creators who need space for their research and are looking for new direction of their work, whether they are dancers, performers, mimes or other artists active in the field of movement theater. We will give priority to projects and creators who do not have long-term support and / or respond to current topics.


– presentation or work in progress with a length of 10-30 minutes for professional public

(There is no need to prepare a stage form, just a short presentation or performance of the collected material. We want to support not only the artists who are preparing a show, but also the research itself, the search for new authentic forms, etc. without the need for results.)

– in case of further life of the project, state tep39 and prostor39 as project partners


send the completed form by May 30, we will announce the results by June 4

– fill out this form:

– attach your CV / resume

– send us a video up to 5 min long

– introduce yourself in the beginning, tell us something about your project, what you want to work with/on, and, if you have some, videos of the project in progress, etc.

– if you do not have a video material of this project yet, send us examples of your previous works

– upload the video to YOUTUBE or VIMEO, or send a link to a shared video on Google Drive

– if something doesn’t fit in the video / you can’t or don’t know how to shoot it, send it in written form, but be brief

Projects recieved after the deadline or not meeting the open call criteria will not be taken into account.

The residency program is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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