Call for applications: artists’ and managers’ residencies, part of the ART-IN-RES international residency programme, for the period March – November 2024, provided by selected host organisations in the Czech Republic. Open for Czech and international applicants working in contemporary theatre, dance, and other performing arts genres for the development of projects at all stages of the creative process.

  • Applications open date: 1 November 2023
  • Deadline for proposals to host organisations: 1 December 2023
  • Application deadline: 15 December 2023
  • Results announced: aprox. 20 January  2024
  • Timeframe for residencies: 1 March – 30 November 2024


The ART-IN-RES, an international residency programme supporting residencies in contemporary theatre, dance, and other performing arts genres, opens its fourth annual call. The programme’s financial and administrative support is intended for residents as well as host organisations.


Artists, culture managers, and other culture professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad working in contemporary theatre, dance, and other performing arts genres can apply to the programme. 

Based on this open call, individual projects (1-2 artists), group projects (3-8 artists), as well as managers’ residencies (3-5 people) will be supported. In 2024, we plan to support around 10 projects by providing residencies.

! The programme is not intended for contemporary circus, music, visual arts, film or literature.


The purpose of the ART-IN-RES programme is to promote cultural mobility, networking and competence development of residents and management of host organisations in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills suitable for their further development and professional life.

By providing artists’ residencies, the ART-IN-RES programme aims to support creative process and emergence of new projects. With the managers’ residencies, it offers space and time for intensive concentrated work on development, evaluation or long-term planning of cultural projects or organisations. 


The call is for residencies taking place from 1 March to 30 November 2024, lasting from 1 to 3 weeks for artists’ residencies and from 3 to 5 days for managers’ residencies in a selected host organisation.


Financial support is intended for residents and host organisations as follows:

  • residents support: CZK 1.500 (€ 60)/ person / day
  • support of host organisations: fixed amount of CZK 1.000 (€ 40) / day + CZK 400 (€ 16) / person / day + 5.000 CZK (€ 200)

The support of selected residents is intended for reimbursement of personal costs associated with the residency (such as transportation, meals, daily expenses) and as a contribution to creative activity.

As part of the aforementioned support, host organisation shall provide residents with accommodation, facilities for creative activities, and ensure a successful course of the residency.

Additional services or support of other persons beyond the scope are subject to an individual agreement between the residents and the host organisation, possibly with a financial participation of the residents.


A condition of the residency is the submission of a final report and photographs, which will be available to the public on the ART-IN-RES website, and possibly a public output from the residency in any form:

  • Artists’ residency: such as a public presentation of residents’ work-in-progress or a public intervention in space followed by a discussion with the public
  • Managers’ residency: such as a presentation of the residents’ organisation, sharing experiences and conclusions from the residency with the host organisation’s wider community


You can find a selection of host organisations online at Please pay attention to the specific capacities and conditions of residency centres and choose venue(s) that fit your project and your needs. 

! CO.LABS, Studio ALTA, tep 39 and UFFO are NOT participating in this call.


Register to the programme via APPLICATION FORM.

  • The form includes: project description, project intent and residency goal, project team, technical requirements, CV, and a brief cover letter.
  • The application must be accompanied by the host organisation’s Agreement to Provide Residency for your project in a proposed time period.
  • Sample of the Agreement can be downloaded HERE / the format can vary / what matters is the host organisation’s agreement and signature of their representative.


  • No later than 1 December contact your selected host organisation using the email listed in their profile on the website Later requests will not be considered!
  • Write ‘ART-IN-RES 2024’ as the email’s subject line and ask the organisation to consider providing residency for your project.
  • Describe your project, its intent and goal of your residency, list the project team, add your CV, and mention technical requirements.
  • Give the organisation time to review your proposal and make a decision.
  • Should the organisation be open to providing you a residency, agree on a tentative date and ask them to fill out and sign the required Agreement form.
  • If they decide to not support your project, accept their decision.
  • You may include multiple Agreements with your application / Host organisation may, too, agree to support multiple projects.
  • By 15 December at the latest, please submit the complete application form including the Agreements.


  • Host organisations will nominate 3 projects of their preference, the final selection will be carried out by a dramaturgy committee of Nová síť.
  • The publication of the results depends on the results of the grants under the National Recovery Plan Call for Competence Development of CCS staff: international and professional cooperation projects in the Czech Republic.


  • Applications open date: 1 November 2023
  • Deadline for proposals to host organisations: 1 December 2023
  • Application deadline: 15 December 2023
  • Results announced: aprox. 20 January  2024
  • Timeframe for residencies: 1 March – 30 November 2024

Please direct any questions to Tereza Lacmanová:

Photo by Michael Lozano: Project Dreamy Walking under the direction of Michał Salwiński in residency at Offcity.

The ART-IN-RES is a residency programme carried out by the cultural organisation Nová síť, realised with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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