Simona Vaškovičová,
+420 773 633 933

Kounicova 686/22,
Brno, 60200


  • BuranTeatr—a theatre and centre for contemporary independent performance arts in Brno—is a creative platform focusing on new drama, physical theatre, and alternative theatre forms. It has been operating on independent theatre scene since 2005. BuranTeatr has been part of the Brno independent theatre scene since 2010. It is housed at the Sokol Gym at Kounicova street 20. In addition to the theatre and opening nights of distinctive original dramas, BuranTeatr organizes workshops in diverse areas of performing arts led by Czech and foreign lecturers. It continuously strives to develop the link between visual arts and music. Since 2016 BuranTeatr has been providing artists residencies for artists in the areas of live arts listed above. BuranTeatr is managed by a group of creatives whose goal is to foster a dynamic and artistic environment with a space open to blending of art disciplines, genres, forms, and opinions. The program centres on support of artists and artistic productions, and creation of a community interested in live arts. Freedom, active dialogue, and critical thinking are inherent to the artistic and social life of the organization. We can offer to the residents the following spaces: Workshop Hall (completely renovated), Rehearsal room, and Small Theatre Hall.


  • Workshop Hall (12 x 4.5 x 4(h) m) – cushioned dance floor surface (wood grating, dance pad foam underlayment 5 mm, cushioned black dance floor), sound system, back areas with kitchen, toilet, shower, and daylight; max. 8­–15 people (based on the type of activities).
  • Rehearsal Room (7 x 7 x 2.5(h) m) – dance floor, black box without windows (HVAC), acoustic wood panelling (the room could be used as a recording space), piano, sound system, toilet, shower; max. 2–8 people (based on the type of activities).
  • Small Scene (theatre hall, 14 x 6.8 x 5(h) m) – black wood floor (black cushioned dance floor is an option), sound system, actors dressing room, toilet, shower, theatre lighting system, excellent acoustics (the hall could be used as a recording space); max. 10–30 people (based on the type of activities).


  • We provide only workspace, no accommodation.


  • Lighting and sound equipment, projectors (4).


  • In addition to the standard artists residencies, BuranTeatr operates throughout the year the Open Residency Project which offers artists of various disciplines, registered for the project, a free use of the Workshop Hall and Rehearsal Room for training and rehearsal. The Workshop Hall is a space 12 x 4.5 x 4(h) m with a cushioned dance floor. The Rehearsal Room is a space 6.8 x 8.35 x 2.8(h) m (black cushioned dance floor, ‘black box’ without windows (HVAC), acoustic wood panelling, piano, sound system). There are chairs, table, and cushions to sit on. A list of timeslots for the following week is announced each Saturday. All registered residents may book as much time as they need. The Workshop Hall can be used within the Open Residency Project only for non-commercial purposes. Residents will be informed about other applicable rules after registration. If you are interested in the Open Residency Project at the BuranTeatr, please email us your or your group information (CV, portfolio, etc.) at simona.vaskovicova@buranteatr.cz. Include in your email a brief statement describing how and why you are interested in using our space.



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