For 2023, Studio ALTA is opening a call for two residency programmes. Although we will not have as many studio spaces with the move to the new location of the Libeň Brewery, the intention to host and support the development of multi-layered artistic practices remains at the heart of our work. Thus, we are once again inviting artists, collectives as well as our colleagues from the production, management, dramaturgy and technical professions to temporarily take up residence in the House of Research and House of Rest.


14.02. [17:00-18:00] Q&A zoom call, to answer all of your potential questions

19.02. deadline – House of Rest (results 23.02.)

05.03. deadline – House of Research (results by 19.03.)


Residency programme of Studio ALTA 2023 is funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Czech Ministry of Culture.


28. 4.–3. 5. 2023

The House of Rest could be understood as a residential spa designated to our colleagues from the art industry who feel overloaded, pressured by the need for constant production or just looking for a zone of peace and their own thoughts. It could become an excuse to slow down, to recalibrate one’s practice or a space for laziness and care, a vacuum. The content of the residency is not contingent on any output or participation in any activities.

The guests for the House of Rest will be chosen by lot, as it is not for us or anyone else to decide who needs rest more and who needs rest less. We all need it. However this year, we would like to dedicate our space and resources, especially to our colleagues in the arts industry. Thus, only those who work (primarily or partially) in the fields of production, dramaturgy, curating, PR, technical and other supporting professions, and who work (primarily or partially) in the independent sector in the Czech Republic will be invited to participate.

Two guests will be selected and at least one of the two spots will be reserved for non-Prague based workers.

  • 23. 2. 2023 Results
  • 28.4.–3. 5. 2023 Residency dates

House of Rest will secure:

  • space for two workers in the arts industry
  • fee 6.000 Czk (apx. 250€)
  • accommodation in hotel/appartment (even for Prague based workers) and travels

  • /
  • +420 731 468 447


27. 6.–8. 7. 2023

The House of Research is a twelve-day residency program designed as a shared space, a laboratory, for four individual artists and their research. The house serves primarily for processes in their early stage, for experimentation and building-up material, as well as a possibility for deeper immersion (or, conversely, emergence) from artistic research, or as a means to explore new layers of one’s own artistic practice.

The House of Research will offer its guests access to a shared studio and will secure space for individual work accompanied by three facilitated sessions focused on the exchange of knowledge and practice within the group.

The residency will conclude with a small public event, which will take form based on the needs and wishes of the participants.

  • 19. 3. 2023 Results
  • 27. 6.–8. 7. 2023 Residency dates

House of Research secures:

  • space for four individual* artists from diverse fields of contemporary arts
  • fee 12.000 czk (apx. 500€)
  • accommodation & travels from non-Prague based participants
  • shared atelier – working space
  • technical assistance
  • production support

In collaboration with the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre, Homo Novus / New Theatre Institute of Latvia, one out of four spots will be designated to a Latvian artist.

*considering our resources allocated to the residency, we prefer to host rather individual artists, yet to apply as a duo or small collective is possible.


In case you prefer an alternate way of applying, send the following materials at

  • name
  • title of the process/project/research
  • place of current residence (based in)
  • contact phone number
  • links to website(s) and social media(s)
  • portfolio/CV
  • short description of own’s practice (max 600 characters)
  • description of the process/project/research (max 1200 characters)
  • personal context (max 800 characters): At which point in your practice did the residency application come to you? 
  • technical specifications: What do you need for your work?

+ you can additionally attach

  • other materials that we could be interested in or should know about
  • your expectations, doubts or what would you wish from the residency
  • +420 731 468 447 


14. 2. 2023 [17:00-18:00] Q&A zoom call, to answer all of your potential questions

Residency programme of Studio ALTA 2023 is funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Czech Ministry of Culture.

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