Situated in the rural area of Mladá Boleslav region app 50 kilometers north outside of Prague, Czech Republic is located a newly emerging international residency space called Cabin Studio. It is run under the patronage of an established Prague-based theater named Studio Hrdinů. The building is a former gamekeeper’s lodge and it has a strong history. Our main focus are residencies for sonic artists and musicians/ composers as the region is strongly connected to the personality of Czech famous classical composer Bedřich Smetana who also lived in the lodge in the 1880s.


We are announcing an open call for three artists who will be encouraged to prepare a composition for festival Sanatorium Sonorum which will be held in August 2024 in Cabin Studio Pěčice as a partially open-air event. The residents’ work will be presented as a part of the festival which consists of new works inspired by the work of Bedřich Smetana. The festival is not limited to a specific music genre or practice. On the contrary, we seek for musicians whose work may overlap in diverse media and are open to experimental approaches.

In cooperation with Czech Centers, some compositions will be presented abroad. Our main goal, however, remains the presentation in the region to which Smetana belongs. We will provide 3 qualified mentors to our residents (Natálie Pleváková – composer and festival curator, Dominik Gajarský – artist and teacher at the studio of Fine Arts at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Ondřej Mikula – musician and producer) as well as a chances to meet the local music scene when attending trips to Prague and other close towns.


The residents will be provided with accommodation, suitable working space, relevant equipment and professional mentoring. The artists must be based in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries including their overseas countries and territories and outermost regions of the European Union (see list below).

As the hosting organization we cover travel costs (both ways), daily allowance of €25 (to cover food, local transportation, tickets and fees to events organized by the mentors and hosting organization), and a fee of app €1660 (40 000,- CZK) brutto.

Special top ups: green top up, top up for outermost regions or overseas country and territory, family top up.

Each artist will have its separate room (each room is equipped with beds, working table and chair, bathroom and toilet). The common space which is on the same floor level is equipped with a piano and in-house monitors. This room also functions as a dining room with a small kitchen suitable for preparing breakfast and other mostly uncooked meals (kettle, cooker, dish washer, toaster and other). Warm kitchen will be provided by the residency host. Two of the rooms are originally designed for 3-4 residents, one for 2. This means that 2 residents the maximum can be hosted with families.

The residents will be encouraged to use the equipped sound studio adjusted from the 60 m²  rehearsal space just for the purpose of this residency project. We also have connection with the local elementary art school which offers its instruments to be free to use in the morning hours. If needed more equipment can be rented or provide from our venue in Prague. Local advancement sound technologies from Czech artist will be introduced and enabled to be used, if desired.

We will work with a daily schedule to provide all residents equally with the space needed and to adjust three working spaces at a time (rehearsal room, common room, outside space/ art elementary school/ other). The accommodation and the rehearsal space/ sound studio are on the same premises distant just a few meters. During the six week residency we are planning 3-4 visits of the mentors to the residency space. The residents and mentors also meet and network during 5 „musical trips“ to different events mostly in Prague. We expect each resident to pay 1-2 visits to the local art elementary school and share their musical practice with the local students.

Selected artists remain fully responsible for their own security and safety during their travel and residency stay.

Martin Špelda


  • The residency call is for a 38 days residency starting April 1st to May 8th, 2024.
  • All residents will be present at the same time.
  • The call is open from August 7th, 2023.
  • Deadline for submitting required materials is September 11th, 2023.
  • Results will be announced by September 20th, 2023.


  • Time availability, agreement to financial conditions, understanding of the project and will to cooperate on it.
  • The resident must be based in one Creative Europe country. Each resident must be from a different country. We are paying special attention to emerging artists and artists with children.
  • The residents will be chosen by the mentors Natálie Pleváková, Dominik Gajarský and Ondřej Mikula and artistic chief of Studio Hrdinu Jan Horák. The chosen residents shall also be discussed with the owner of the premises and production manager of the project. However these do not have a say in the artistic selection.


  • personal details (name, place of residence, contact details)
  • artistic portfolio proving relevant artistic experience
  • CV
  • short description of the specific project to be developed

Submit to:


  • Albania, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Tunisia and Ukraine.
  • 9 Outermost Regions: Azores (Portugal), Canary Islands (Spain), French Guiana (France), Guadeloupe (France), Madeira (Portugal), Martinique (France), Mayotte (France), Reunion Island (France), and Saint-Martin (France).
  • And 13 Overseas Countries and Territories: Aruba (The Netherlands), Bonaire (The Netherlands), Curaçao (The Netherlands), French Polynesia (FR), French Southern and Antarctic Territories (France), Greenland (Denmark), New Caledonia (France), Saba (The Netherlands), Saint Barthelemy (France), Sint Eustatius (The Netherlands), Sint Maarten (The Netherlands), St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), and Wallis and Futuna Islands (France).


Foto: Martin Špelda

The residencies are financed by Culture Moves Europe and Škoda Auto Endowment fund.

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