The Cabin Studio established in 2023 is a centre for artistic residencies run under the patronage of Studio Hrdinů. The Cabin occupies the building of a former gamekeeper’s lodge located in Pěčice, Mladá Boleslav, and offers space for concentrated work on projects in all stages of development in the disciplines of dance, sonic arts, performance, visual arts and literature.

The residents have at their disposal the cabin’s studio (6,5 × 8 m) with basic technical equipment. If desired, there is also a possibility of accommodation (for up to ten people) as well as boarding.


  • DANCE AND PHYSICAL THEATRE – up to 4 three-week residencies; the possibility of a project presentation at the close of the residency
  • LITERATURE – up to 4 six-week residencies, the possibility of a project presentation/reflection – public reading, discussion, &c. – in the course / at the close of the residency
  • VISUAL ARTS – up to 5 three-week residencies for a plein air practice and computer animation
  • MUSIC/ SONIC ARTS – up to 4 three-week residencies; the possibility of a project performance at the close of the residency
  • RESIDENCY FOR CULTURAL PROFESSIONALS – up to 4 five-day residencies for independent culture managing teams
  • SPECIAL MUSIC RESIDENCY FOR SANATORIUM SONORUM FESTIVAL – up to 4 six-week residencies; a public performance at the close of the residency (for more information, please see below)

Our goal is to support emerging as well as established professional artists in the fields of physical and mimic theatre, music and sonic arts, dance, performance and other closely related non-verbal genres.


The residencies in the field of dance and physical theater will take place from mid-April to October 2024. Other residencies can be organized whole year through.

The length of the residencies will depend on the granted funding for 2024.

  • The residents are offered accommodation and space for their practice.
  • Financial participation of the residents amounts to 20 % of the residency’s costs.
  • The residents also cover their travel costs and boarding.


We ask the applicants to submit:

  • their CV
  • link to their website / portfolio in the PDF format
  • letter of motivation as well as the statement of artistic intent for the residency including the potential public presentation of the residency’s outcome (2500 characters max.)
  • preferred date and length of the prospective residency


Jan Horák, +420 603 342 045

Submission deadline: September 1st, 2023 

The results will be announced on September 15th, 2023 at

Martin Špelda


Situated in the rural area of Mladá Boleslav region app 50 kilometers north outside of Prague, Czech Republic is located a newly emerging international residency space called Cabin Studio. It is run under the patronage of an established Prague-based theater named Studio Hrdinů. The building is a former gamekeeper’s lodge and it has a strong history. Our main focus are residencies for sonic artists and musicians/ composers as the region is strongly connected to the personality of Czech famous classical composer Bedřich Smetana who also lived in the lodge in the 1880s.

We are announcing an open call for three artists who will be encouraged to prepare a composition for festival Sanatorium Sonorum which will be held in August 2024 in Cabin Studio Pěčice as a partially open-air event. The residents’ work will be presented as a part of the festival which consists of new works inspired by the work of Bedřich Smetana. The festival is not limited to a specific music genre or practice. On the contrary, we seek for musicians whose work may overlap in diverse media and are open to experimental approaches.

In cooperation with Czech Centers, some compositions will be presented abroad. Our main goal, however, remains the presentation in the region to which Smetana belongs. We will provide 3 qualified mentors to our residents (Natálie Pleváková – composer and festival curator, Dominik Gajarský – artist and teacher at the studio of Fine Arts at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Ondřej Mikula – musician and producer) as well as a chances to meet the local music scene when attending trips to Prague and other close towns.

For more information and specific conditions see → THE OPEN CALL.



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