Deadline: 17/05/2022 - 19/06/2022

We hear everywhere that the world is in a state of permanent crisis. Ecological crisis, epidemiological crisis, humanitarian crisis, food crisis, refugee crisis, family crisis, property crisis, housing crisis, identity crisis, crisis crisis crisis crisis. How to navigate these dark waters without ending up wrecked?

Sometimes, we all need a place to rest, we all need to be caressed, held, comforted. In November, the Theatre X10 will become a harbour where all the emotions we tend to marginalise and push away – nostalgia, fear, sadness, anger, aggression, or insecurity – will get a chance to anchor and rest for a while. Let’s allow ourselves to whine, to cry, to experience emotions, to share our innermost fears and sorrows together.

■ / OPEN CALL /■

For Y: Harbour of Sorrow, we’re looking for artistic contributions that are not afraid of subjectivity; contributions that (for any possible reason) leave behind rational, aestheticized and conceptual, so-called objective, frameworks. We’re curious why those frameworks should be left behind but why not, we can as well just embrace the fact and demand no explanation. We’re interested in therapeutic (art)works, acts of individual or collective resistance, individual contributions, or in sharing the strategies of resilience. We’re looking for practices or works that acknowledge time and space, that use chaos, grief, melancholy or misunderstanding – practices that understand the function of all of those as well as their aesthetics and that use them as a foundation for (even temporary) harbour of sorrow.

■ deatiled info, conditions and application form to be found here: https://forms.gle/raautZ2YkNvbMaww9

■ in case you prefer alternative ways of applying (for any reason), contact the curatorial team


Deadline / 19th June
Results / 17th July
Installation / 19th + 20th November
Event / 21st November

Curators: Anna Chrtková & Petr Dlouhý
Graphics: Kristýna Žáčková
Production: Zuzana Rambousková
Producer: Divadlo X10
Contact: Yevents@divadlox10.cz

Y events is a series of events which operates on the edges of theatre and looks for the places where theatre merges with visual arts, performance art, music and theory.




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