Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard is opening a 2nd round call for artistic residencies with a focus on international cooperation.


The Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard residential space is open to artists of all fields (theatre, dance, performing arts, visual arts, music, literature, as well as pedagogical and educational projects) who are looking for a place for focused work with all the necessary facilities (theatrical space with technical equipment, rehearsal room, accommodation, kitchen, sanitary facilities, workshops with technical equipment, etc.) and production and technical support.

The residency program in 2023 is intended for emerging and young artists, as well as renowned creators and art ensembles. We are looking for projects that fall into one of the following categories:

  • NOF (new phase): these residencies are intended for young and emerging artists and artistic groups from the Czech Republic and abroad who, after completing their studies at art schools, have lost the space for their artistic visions and discussions, creative experiments or processing of specific performative material.
  • TAT (here and now): already renowned creators and theater or dance groups from the Czech Republic and abroad who do not have their home space to work or need intensive time and undisturbed concentration for their work can take part in this residency. This residency has two forms, creative and regenerative. However, both are focused on the transformation and change of the artist’s previous work.
  • DAP (next, please): the quiet rural location of Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard and high-quality technical, spatial and material facilities offer ideal conditions for creative residencies in a wide range of artistic fields. In addition to dance and theater residencies, our space is also used by instrumentalists and artists who focus on working with the voice and its bodily resonances in their work, as well as artists who search for sound variations through materials and objects.

The condition for participation in the residency programme at Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard within this open call is a public presentation in the form corresponding to the stage and content of the residency (work in progress, open workshop, introducing a finished performance in the programme for public, etc.).

The selection of projects will take place on an ongoing basis taking into account time availability of the artistic groups, as well as the capacity of Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard.


  • 5 residencies, each 1-3 weeks long at Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard
  • technical equipment and support during the residency
  • production support
  • accommodation directly in the premises of Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard
  • financial contribution covering the overall costs of the residency up to 60% (please note that we cannot cover travel expenses, food or an artistic fee)


  • artists from the Czech Republic and abroad (projects with the focus on international dimension)
  • groups of 4-12 people
  • artists of various backgrounds (theatre, dance, literature, music, etc.)


  • 15 August 2023 – deadline (first round)
  • September-December 2023 – residencies and public presentations


Send the applications to no longer than 15 August 2023.

Please include with your application:

  • project description (1-2 pages)
  • information about the artistic team (CV, portfolio etc.)
  • short motivation letter

PDF version for download.

Švestkový Dvůr /Plum Yard was established in 2013 and since then provides suport to various cultural activities in a small village called Malovice (Region of South Bohemia, Czech Republic). The organization’s activities are defined by 4 main areas: creation (theatre, dance, puppetry, music, visual arts etc.), artistic and cultural programme for public, residencies and community projects.

The residency program offers the possibility of short-term and long-term stays focused on research, creation, or finishing of an artistic project to individuals or groups from the Czech Republic and abroad in a space with provided accommodation, kitchen, theatre hall with technical equipment, a rehearsal room, studios and workshops for the production of scenography. Projects that are created within the residences are usually part of the Švestkový Dvůr’s programme for public.

The residency programme at Švestkový Dvůr/Plum Yard in 2023 has been financially supported by the Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic, Czech National Recovery Plan and the EU.



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