Deadline: 15/12/2023 - 15/01/2024

Studio ALTA is opening three programmes in the 2024 artist residency series. Each is intended for a different phase and form of artistic processes.

House of Concentration may be inhabited by individuals and collectives looking for space and technical support to develop works in performing arts.

House of Research has been conceived as a temporary cohabitation of several artists. The purpose is to provide space for artistic research, development of concepts, and immersion into a specific topic. What’s new this year is the opportunity to transform an existing artwork into a new form.

The last in the trio is the House of Rest. Designed as a support structure emphasising the value of self-care, it is open to all colleagues from independent sector.



05. 01. 2024 [17:00–18:00] Q&A zoom call, when we answer all your questions

15 January 2024 application deadline

28 January 2024 results announced


House of Focus offers to artistic teams a 10-day residency with full technical support. As such, it is intended for projects in a more advanced stage of development, with established basic concepts and initial visions of the final forms, and secured project’s production including the premiere. Residency at the House of Focus does not exclude experimentation, exploration of new techniques, and being open to a participation of the public. Despite the fact that the main focus is on concentrated work, the House of Focus offers an opportunity to share the process witho thers, including professional public, through a workshop or a work-in-progress presentation. During the residency, artistic team will have the opportunity to consult the process with the Studio ALTA team or join the autonomous Artist to Artist support network.

House of Focus will open its doors in three parts for three artistic processes:

1) 1.–11. 3. — main hall of Studio ALTA
2) 1.–11. 7. — garden of Studia ALTA (restricted to projects taking place in the garden or public space)
3) 10 days between May – November (exact date will be fixed in co-ordination with our partners)

Given the Studio ALTA’s dramaturgy, we will focus our attention primarily to dance and performance projects.



House of Focus provides the following:

  • Workspace for the entire artistic team
  • Honorarium in the amount of CZK 50,000
  • Reimbursement of accommodation and transportation costs
  • Full technical support
  • Promotion and production support forthefinal output



If you prefer another method of logging in, contact us at and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Name of the process-project-research
  • Based in city/country
  • Contact phone number
  • Web / social media channel(s)
  • CV
  • Residency team: Name of all people who would participate in the residency.
  • Short description of your work / practice [max. 1200 characters]
  • Project / process – For instance: Initial point / topic / description of the process / aim of the residency [max. 1800 characters]
  • Producing content – For instance: At what stage of the process is the residency to take place? What is the time table for the development of the work? What are the partnerships involved in the project? Where-when is the premiere planned? [max 1800 characters]
  • Dates: What would be the possible dates of the residency (options 1-3)?
  • Wish: What do you wish from the residency?
  • Technical specifications: What do you need for your work?

+ You can also attach:

  • Other relevant material we should know about
  • Your expectations, questions, and/or what you would like to achieve during the residency


10–21 June 2024

House of Research is a 12-day residency programme conceived as a shared space and laboratory for four individual artists and their research. The residency is intended primarily for projects in the initial stages of research, experimentation, and development. It offers an opportunity for deeper immersion (or, conversely, emergence) into art research, functioning as a means of searching for new levels in one’s own art practice.

This year, one can bring to the House of Research an existing finished work (a play, installation, object, video, etc.) and focus on its re-examination and transformation into a different form. It is thus possible, for example, to bring a play and explore ways to design a workshop, or create text, performance-lecture, etc. based on it.

House of Research offers the guests access to a shared studio, space for individual work, and facilitate three meetings centred on exchange of knowledge and experiences within the group.

At the end of the residency, a small presentation will be prepared for the public, the form of which will be based on participants’ needs and choice.



House of Research shall provide the following:

  • Space for individual* four artists from different fields of art
  • Honorarium in the amount of CZK 12,000
  • Accommodation and transportation for participants from outside of Prague
  • Shared studio
  • Technical support
  • Production support

* with regard to allocated resources, we prefer individual artists; nevertheless, we may also accept duos or small collectives



 If you prefer another method of logging in, contact us at and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Title of your process/project/research
  • Your address (place of current residence)
  • Contact phone number
  • Links to your website/social media
  • Portfolio/CV
  • Short description of your practice [1,000 characters max]
  • Description of your process/project/research [1,800 characters max]
  • Personal statement [800 characters max]: At what point in your practice have you decided to apply for our residency?
  • Technical specifications: What do you need for your work?

+ You can also attach

  • Other relevant material we should know about
  • Your expectations, questions, and/or what you would like to achieve during the residency


5 days during March – November

House of Rest is a residency spa intended for colleagues who work in arts management in the Czech Republic and who may feel overwhelmed, pressured by the constant need for production, or who are just looking for a calm zone to channel their thoughts. The House of Rest may become the reason to slowdown, recalibrate one’s own creative practice, a space for idling and taking care of oneself, a vacuum. This residency does not require output or participation in any activities.

The guests at the House of Rest will be selected by lottery, as it is not up to us, or anyone else, to decide who actually needs rest. We all need it. Nevertheless, we would like to dedicate our space and resources intended for the House of Rest primarily to our colleagues from arts management industry. Only those who work in independent sector (full time or part time) in production, dramaturgy, art curation, PR, technical and other supporting artistic professions, and work (primarily or partially) in the Czech Republic will be invited to apply for the lottery.

Two guests will be selected in total; at least one spot will be reserved for applicants working outside of Prague. The location and time (5 nights between March – November) of the House of Rest residency will be the guests’ choice. It could be in the countryside or in the city; close to home or on the opposite side of the country.



House of Rest provides the following:

  • Space for two participants working in arts management
  • Honorarium in the amount of CZK 6,000
  • Hotel/apartment accommodation (5 nights)



If you prefer another way to log in, please send the following to

  • Name
  • Based in (city/country)
  • Contact phone number
  • Web / social networks
  • CV 
  • Further additions, specifications, doubts, concerns, wishes


+420 731 468 447


Studio ALTA Studio residency programme is supported in 2024 from the National Renewal Plan from the KKS staff competence development programme: international artistic and professional collaboration projects.

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